Positioner/PID controller

Type code : PN2, PCS, ICS, PF

Product Description : Positrol (positioner and 3-position control unit with direct pneumatic interface to part-turn actuator actubar),

Positurn2 (positioner and 3-position control unit for part-turn actuators),

PCS (Automatic air-main charging and pressure control system for compressed air supplies),

ICS (Control unit for valves with inflatable sealing),

Posifixx-A (Air guidance plates for positioner type TZID (ABB) on actuators type actubar),

Posifixx-S (Air guidance plates for positioner type SIPART PS2 (SIEMENS) on actuators type actubar),

OPOS-Interface (To the interface positioner according to VDI / VDE 3847 for single-acting quarter-turn actuators)

Funtion : Double-acting, single-acting