Flat type – PLF Series

type code  : PLF

Type description : Flat type

Gerneral specification : The entire tube is slotted throughout its full length. The force is transmitted through the load friction, which is attached to the piston axle. The design of the piston axle is that way that the inner part of the piston axle is connected through the slot with the outer part of it.

Therefore the force transmission runs as follows: Air pressure > Piston area > piston axle (inner part) > piston axle (outer part) > load friction > load. The sealing of the cylinder slot is garanteed by a most precisely grinded inner steel band. The inner band is kept in position due to magnet stripes which are placed on both sides of the slot. In addition there is an outer steel band covering the slot in order to keep dust out of inner space of the cylinder.

During piston movement as well as during stillstand of it both steelbands are lifted right after the piston seal and led through the piston axle by means of a separate own guiding chanel. Before and behind the piston axle both bands are covering the slot permanently again.

Please contact us for sizing (force, stroke, load, moment)

Bore size : 16 – 63

Stroke length (mm) : 100 – 5700