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PISCO Fittings

  • PISCO fittings are research, developed and produced in Japan with very high quality. PISCO is amongst the world leading manufacturers.   PISCO fittings is known for its quality by OEM business to other businesses.
  • PISCO fittings has NO LEAKAGE unlike other brands, especially cheap products which usually have air leakage after first unboxing it.
  • PISCO tube when used with PISCO fitting can be easily installed and uninstalled, unlike other fittings where the entire fitting has to be replaced rather than just the tube only due to the way their fittings are designed

Common problems and real needs of using fittings

Pneumatic fittings is an important component in pneumatic application.   Compared to a human body, which has major organs like heart, lung, stomach or intestine, thus pneumatic fitting is similar to blood vessels and the joints that connect and deliver all blood circuit to every organs in order to keep everything function normally and smoothly.

Similarly in Factory Automation, all plants need to keep their machine equipment working well.   No one wants am operational breakdown, however, pneumatic fittings is the most common part that has been always overlooked as it is almost the cheapest part in the machine.

Nevertheless, pneumatic fitting selection and sourcing for the right one, the high quality one is NOT easy because of how the details required and specifications are difficult to be written down. They are also hardly specific, e.g. leakage level or locking mechanism.   Although the specification can be written, it is not very practical in use for daily PR from user to purchase department. All of above reason open a door for poor fitting manufacturers (as well as suppliers) to step in and offer poor pneumatic fittings (but pass the minimum criterias of purchase department).  This results in poor pneumatic fittings in place.

Unforeseen damages and loss can be incurred just because of small saving on purchase poor pneumatic fittings e.g.


  • Air leakage at all joints, that cost factory to keep producing unnecessary clean-dry-air of which all cost has been thrown to air preparation system at all time.
  • Fittings spoiled or severe air leakage at “hard access” point e.g. operators need to open a door, unlock the cover, unscrew all structured part to get access to the damaged fitting! Cost of this damage is NOT fittings cost BUT it is “downlime” cost that machine cannot operate and factory loss by unable to make a production.


Features and Benefits of using PISCO fittings

By using PISCO fittings, quality has been guaranteed to prevent above mentioned issues since 1986.   All PISCO fittings (including all PISCO products that have to connected to tubes) has a special unique design as see below;


  1. Size and number of ‘Lock-claws’ is perfectly calculated with engineering that resulted in tighted and firmed connection between tubes and fittings WITHOUT damaging and making scratch on tube. Locking force has been reduced and equally distributed to each claw, so that user can be sure of NO AIR LEAKAGE and easitly to be connected or disconnected any time everthough it has been using for many years.
    1. At the crutial possible leak point, PISCO do not use standard O-Ring to seal it, instead, PISCO invent unique shaped elastic sleeve to eliminate leaking possibility. In explanation, if there is air leakage, those air will, thus, in return give force to push this elastic sleeve to swell and even more tightly squeeze to internal wall of fitting.   Result is that air leakage prevention mechanism is getting better.


T.V.P. Valve and Pneumatic is the biggest official PISCO authorised agent in Thailand which has been operating business and selling PISCO fittings which full knowledge and technical since 1991.

Sales and Technical support are all equipped with professional on pneumatic fittings as well as other pneumatic components.