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PISCO was established on October 18,1976 by commercializing a fluid switching valve with the original patented innovative concept: P.S.C.-Pipe, Slide, and Change, (patent no. 1300034). This resulted in PISCO’s company name which is derived from the patent.

The basic philosophy of PISCO’s corporate management has been customer-oriented creation and manufacturing with unique wisdom.

Being blessed with support from customers and willing partners, PISCO are able to create different varieties of products to be provide for different markets.

The PISCO brand is a promise to its customers and partners. I would like to pause briefly to thank such customers and partners for their support.

With our founding philosophy firmly in mind,by heeding humbly to our customers, we shall respond to diversifying and difficult needs with speed and flexibility. With further endeavor hereafter, we, all, devote ourself to customer oriented creation and going to propose better products and service continuously.

We start our business day with chanting company slogans.

PISCO Representative Director - Kiyoyasu Yamazaki

Win customer’s trust and satisfaction.