Vacuum pad for bag-like article conveyance


  • Vacuum pad, vacuum cups, or suction cups, are often used as grippers in manual or automated handling applications. This product has two selections for pad hardness and bellows layers, three selections for pad size.


  • Two selections for rubber hardness of the lip part.
    • Soft material (Lip color: Blue) for packaging bag made of the thick vinyl sheet.
    • Ultra-soft material (Lip color: Pink) for liquid packaging bag.
  • Two selections for bellows layers.
    • 5 layers of bellows absorb the shock when contacting a work-piece and follow the inclined surface.
    • 3 layers of bellows are shorter than 5 layers and contribute to the posture stability of a work-piece in high-speed conveyance.
  • Three selections for pad size
    • ø30, ø40, ø50 mm.
  • Pad material
    • Silicone rubber
  • For work-piece contacting parts, Food Safe Act. (Japan) complied and FDA equivalent materials are used. This product is not FDA certificated.


  • Made with a soft lip and firm multi-bellows body, enables stable gripping, lifting, and height compensation.
  • Ideal for suction of pouches and deformable bags containing fluids.

For more information: PISCO – Vacuum pad for packaging bag