Speed controller JSG with dial indicator

PISCO JSG – The world best speed controller with dial indicator

“Fine adjustable, high accuracy, clear indication”

Fine adjustable – In pneumatic automation, we all need speed controllers which can be ’fine adjusted’
in order to set the desired speed of actuator especially at low-flow to mid-flow (low-speed to mid-speed of actuator)

PISCO speed controller is only one of not many brands that always keep production quality in regard to fine flow adjustable characteristic, which is applied to all speed controller series including new invention JSG that is integrated with dial indicator. As graph depicts, PISCO JSG allows operator to precisely adjust flow from zero to maximum.

High accuracy and clear indication – Operators as well as mechanic engineer who is in charge of automation machine need ‘high accuracy’ for speed controller, they also need ‘clear indication’ to communicate between each other
,for example, in case of installing a new speed controller.

PISCO speed controller JSG has been invented and designed to have very high accurate adjusting knob-click, where we can stop in between thread by 10 lock-clicks per 1 thread rotation (140 lock-clicks from 0-100% flow rate).

Moreover, PISCO JSG comes with window indicator on both ‘side’ and ‘top’ of the adjusting knob, which ease operator and engineer easily install new piece of speed controller very quickly, correctly and accurately, all done in a minute.

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