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PISCO for Chemical industry

The varied processes in the chemical industry have stringent requirements for the valve technology employed. Specific valve and component solutions are therefore much in demand when dealing with critical working media, high temperatures and high pressures.  GEMÜ offers numerous valves, along with measurement and control components, for this purpose.

A huge variety of valve types and materials

Valve types such as diaphragm valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, ball valves and solenoid valves are already used successfully in numerous processes in chemical engineering.

GEMÜ has a wide range of valves made of plastic and high-performance thermoplastics such as PFA and PVDF.

Metal valves with a plastic lining are also successfully used in processes with abrasive media and with solid matter. This flexibility regarding material selection ensures maximum process and plant reliability.

Examples of processes employing GEMÜ valves, measurement and control systems:

  • Production of nitric acid
  • Manufacture of fertilisers
  • Use for centrifugal separators, fractionation towers
  • Or in esterification plants

GEMÜ 490 high-resistance butterfly valve

The GEMÜ 490 is a butterfly valve to suit aggressive chemical applications. The concentric, soft-seated butterfly valve is lined with TFM™ (PTFE)/PFA and is available in the nominal sizes DN 40 to 1000 (1½′′ to 40′′) with wafer or lug body.

Product advantages associated with the use of plastic and metal butterfly valves for Chemical industry

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Flexible application possibilities due to versatile material selection
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • ATEX-compliant versions for potentially explosive areas
  • TA Luft (German Clean Air Act) versions

Product advantages associated with the use of diaphragm valves with plastic lining

  • All mechanical components are located outside the media-wetted area
  • Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media
  • Suitable for use with both clean and abrasive media
  • Control functions possible

Product advantages associated with the use of plastic or metal ball valves

  • Good flow capability
  • All plastic media-wetted parts for plastic ball valves are also optionally available in a thermoplastic material
  • ATEX, TA Luft (German Clean Air Act) versions and versions suitable for vacuum applications are optionally available for metal ball valves

Product advantages associated with the use of globe valves for Chemical industry 

  • Suitable for fast cycle duties and high switching frequencies
  • Highly suitable for use as control valves in conjunction with suitable positioners
  • Versatile accessories and ATEX versions or versions suitable for vacuum applications are available

All GEMÜ valves with pneumatic or motorized actuator are available with instrumentation ex works.