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T.V.P. Valve & Pneumatic Co.,Ltd. (T.V.P.) has been established since 1991 by Ms.Thida Krienghirun in order to supply industrial valves, sensors and controls, as well as pneumatic components.  T.V.P. is the official authorized distributor of 4 world-leading brands which are GEMU (Germany), PISCO (Japan), BAR (Germany) and MEDAN (Germany), also T.V.P. is eligible to resell other several partner brands.

T.V.P. holds a wide range of products from their partners. The wide variety of factory automation products range from equipment like rodless cylinders from MEDAN, Diaphragm Valve from GEMU, various kinds of pneumatic fittings, BAR Actuators and more. T.V.P. is committed to being a professional distributor of factory automation products and parts.

The company has operated over past 28 years, and now we are 28 staffs organization of which 12 staffs in sales & service department to be ready for customer services.   Quality of products and professional services has been proven by increasing in number of regular customers as well as trust by end-user factory and contractors when coming to project discussion and consultancy with T.V.P. professional supports.


Although there are huge number of industrial vendors in a market, there are some facts which are;
(1) It is impossible that one brand or one company can be specialized in every application areas.
(2) What customers tell maybe not what customers really need.

Therefore, T.V.P., as a professional vendor, has an opportunity to differentiate and create values from (1) and (2) together with customers in the market.

T.V.P. will strongly emphasize the specialist in certain following areas, application or industries;

  • Valves and instruments for water system in Pharmaceutical and sanitary industries including cosmetics and food-and-beverage industries
  • Valves and instruments for water/waste water treatments in all industries
  • Valves and instruments for chemical uses, particularly in food-and-beverage industries and power plants
  • Vacuum application in factory automation or so-called ‘pick & place’ including sensors for monitoring or controls, especially in plastic injections, pressed-parts, auto-parts and electronics.
  • General pneumatic actuators, air-preparation and tubes-fittings-speed controls in all industries.


T.V.P. Valve and Pneumatic Co.,Ltd. will maintain product brands images and reputation in term of quality by full knowledges and professions in all product ranges as well as sustain number 1 valves and instruments market share in Pharmaceutical water system, by educate end-user through (1) on-site training (2) seminar and (3) on-line training in future.

For factory automation area, T.V.P. will expand market share in vacuum application by communicating with customer in the way of vacuum automation specialist both knowhow and products support though (1) on-site training (2) seminar and (3) on-line training as well.

After sales services is also significantly important, T.V.P. company, by personnel together with software, will keep monitoring and evaluate both visible demands and invisible demands of each spare-parts as well as consignment agreement products in order to optimize stock planning to serve customers in time, on time, at all time.